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A little bit about Droolin' Devil...


Droolin' Devil Fine Foods is a Saskatoon, Saskatchewan based fine foods company focusing on all things fiery!!
We are 100% Saskatchewan owned & operated.

We create and market our own line of award winning gourmet hot sauces, salsas, seasonings and condiments.

Droolin' Devil is owned and operated by Craig "Uncle Big" and Lorien Lowenberg. Uncle Big is the proud face of Canada's Hottest Sauce, Uncle Big's Killer Hot Sauce and it's newest incarnation, Uncle Big's Serial Killer Private Reserve. There is no hotter sauce made in this country!

As part of our commitment to erradicating blandness from our customers culinary adventures, we are constantly working on new recipes and working with new ingredients and have several new recipes in the works at any given time.

We were the first and only private label hot sauce created and marketed by a Canadian Football League team, the Saskatchewan Roughriders back in 2007, and not that we are taking any credit for it, but if you remember correctly, that's the last time they won a Grey Cup...coincidence? We think not.

In addition to that, our Mean Ass Mustard was part of the Saskatchewan Pavillion at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.
Our sauce was given to the multitudes of athletes as a memento of the occassion and as an example of what the province of Saskatchewan has to offer to the world.

We are one of a kind in Saskatchewan and we have dedicated ourselves to spreading the gospel of fire throughout the province of Saskatchewan and the entire world!
Whether your taste buds lik it hot, or you have a milder palate, from mild to wild, we've got something for everyone.


Award Winning Sauces!!
Droolin' Devil took home it's first three awards in 2008 and has been winning awards ever since.

1st Place - Salsa Consumer Ready - Hot
Extremely Wild Garlic Salsa

1st Place- Wing Sauce Cook Off- Hot
WTF That's Hot Wing Sauce
1st Place - Internatioanl Hot Sauce
Garlic Chili
1st Place - Pepper Specific
2nd Place - XXX Hot (No Extract)
Liquid Sin

You must try these sauces today.
They will redefine what the word hot sauce
means to you.


But don't just take our word for it...

Check out our amazingly positive sauce reviews at
Hot Sauce Blog!
Hot Sauce Blog!

If you don't believe a bunch of chileheads, then check out just a little of the main stream press we'd garnered over the years...



Alberta Venture Magazine
Uncle Big was one of the featured interviews in this article about Alberta residents returning home to Saskatchewan to make a go of it in business.
Check it out!

Western Living Magazine

The Saskatchewan Roughrider Signature Hot Sauces created by Droolin' Devil were featured in an article in Western Living Magazine!
You can see the full article here.

The Grenfell Sun

Uncle Big was born and raised in the sleepy little farming community of Grenfell, Saskatchewan.
At one point, he was actually the sports editor for the Grenfell Sun as well as the acting editorial writer for three weekly newspapers that the Grenfell Sun composed and distributed.
Now things have come full circle and Uncle Big was featured in a full page article (minus the ads) about his passion for fiery foods and how Droolin' Devil came to be.
We're sure Uncle Big's mom is very proud!!



McLean's Magazine

Yes, that's right, Droolin' Devil was mentioned in a hot sauce related article in the June issue of McLean's Magazine.

Thanks to Gerry Mischuk from Taste The 4th Sense for giving us props as quality gourmet hot sauces. As well, several other (literate) Droolin' Devil customers for giving us the head's up.

Here's the link to the online version.

The Saskatoon Sun

Setting Up Shop by Tom Eremondi
Complete story here.

Chile Pepper Magazine

Droolin' Devil and Uncle Big featured in premiere International Fiery Foods Magazine

Uncle Big and Droolin' Devil Fine Foods were featured with a half page article in CHILE PEPPER MAGAZINE in the April 2007 (and every year since)
"The Hot Sauce Issue" Drooin' Devil is putting Saskatoon on the fiery foods map!
Click here to view the article.


Saskatoon Star Phoenix
Check out our feature in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix under the "New Faces, New Places"
Here's the link. We're near the bottom of the article.

Saskatoon Live

You can see the rest of the excellent and most flattering write up as well as Todd's pics of our store by clicking here.


Droolin' Devil's sauces were highlighted on a Canada AM segment the week of September 17th.
Gerry Mischuk from The Salivation Corporation told the world that Saskatoon is the Hot Sauce Capital of Canada.



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Salsa Consumer
Ready - Hot
Extremely Wild
Garlic Salsa

1st Place
Wing Sauce Cook
Off - Hot
WTF That's Hot
Wing Sauce

Hot Sauce
Specialty Chile
Chipotle Hot Sauce

XXX Hot Sauce
(No Extract)
Liquid Sin

International Hot Sauce
Of the Year 2008
Garlic Chili Hot Sauce